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This analysis seeks to understand your content and audience breakdown through a comprehensive psychographic analysis of the past year – benchmarking your activity to other organizations and among the wider conversation taking place online. This gives us the answers to the following questions:

Looking at Your Audience

  • Does our content resonate?

Looking at your competition

  • How do we rank vs. direct competitor set?
  • How do they resonate with their audiences?

The wider conversation online

  • Who are we competing with?
  • Which content publishers set the standard?

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The next generation In audience analysis and content optimization

Using our new Audience Al you can psychometrically profile your followers, influencers and those discussing your brand in a deeper more meaningful way than ever before.

Learn about the fundamental personality traits that drive your audience, enabling you to tailor messaging that resonates and engages more effectively.

Our custom built Al psychometric analyser built with help from IBM Watson

Two years in development alongside our own and IBM watson Al engineers Audience Analyser psychometrically analyses millions of posts to create personalities maps around 50 core traits based around OCEAN (Big5) and Myers Briggs Models.

The result is to provide an incredibly accurate and detailed profiles of your audience’s personalIties while simultaneously matching it against the tone of your brands content.

Advanced Multi Language Sentiment

Via Watson Alchemy Language API

Social Channel Tracking

Best in class tracking and visualisation of all social channels

Post Performance Monitoring

Measure real-time and historical engagement of social content

Real-Time Competitor Analysis

Across Twitter, Instagram YouTube and more

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