Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Hotel Social Key different from all the other platforms I use?

    Think of Hotel Social Key as the master mothership that sits on top of all of your data — regardless if it’s in an excel spreadsheet, a social media platform, or your booking system.

    Hotel Social Key connects to all of your data sources behind the scenes and visualizes all of your data in one place, with one log-in, on any device with an internet or mobile connection. 

    Once all the data is connected, things get interesting. Think about the power of seeing everything in one place, in real-time, so you can monitor, analyze, and act on everything from news to social data, to reviews, plus more from anywhere.

    Hotel Social Key puts your data to work for you, so you and your leadership team are constantly in the loop and never caught off guard.

  • How many of my colleagues can access Hotel Social Key?

    As many as you want!

    Unlike many other services, we do not believe in restricting access to valuable data and insights about your properties.

    Hotel Social Key is built for collaboration, which is why we offer unlimited user logins for all customers at no added cost.

  • What data sources can Hotel Social Key integrate with?

    A better question might be, what can’t we integrate with, and the answer is nothing.

    Seriously, as long as we have API access, we can integrate with anything from your booking engine to your CRM.

    You’ll see that we already have many integrations fully built out and available in each package tier, from social listening to website analytics. Other integrations are available as add-on features. We can even pull data from an excel spreadsheet!

  • Who is behind Hotel Social Key?
    Great question. The leadership team behind Hotel Social Key knows the hotel business because we came from the hotel business. We understand the challenges hotel brands, field marketers, and hotel management face every day when it comes to social media, marketing, and brand storytelling. We know because we’ve been in your shoes. Our team is led by David Beebe, who served as the first-ever VP, Global Creative and Content Marketing at Marriott Intl. Our Chief Experience Officer, Lucia Evans, led global social media for Marriott and its portfolio of brands for over four years. We've also worked and trained in hotels. We're kind of obsessed with travel and hospitality. We’ve designed Hotel Social Key specifically for hotel level marketers, including the most important features, but with a price point that fits within hotel marketing budgets.
  • Can Hotel Social Key power a full Social Media Brand Command Center for all my hotels?
    Absolutely. In fact, our leadership built four global social media brand command centers for Marriott International from the ground up, using the same technology that we built Hotel Social Key with. These “M Live” Real Time Marketing Command Centers won Gold and Silver Creative Data Lions at Cannes.
  • How can I share and present to a group of team members?

    You can go into Presentation Mode, where you create a list of screens and attach a time interval for each screen. When this presentation group is initialized the monitor connected to the computer will scroll through each screen in your presentation group for the allotted time you gave them. 

    You can also use this feature to display our "GM View" on screens in the office or the "Lobby View" and display select social media and other data to guests.

  • I’m glad I can finally see my TripAdvisor reviews alongside my other social data, but what makes Hotel Social Key different?

    TripAdvisor was integral to Hotel Social Key from the very beginning – we know how much time is wasted not having a centralized system for managing all aspects of your paid, owned and earned social and marketing efforts.

    We’ve seen so many properties waste hours and hours each week, pulling TripAdvisor reviews into a word document or PPT and sharing them with key stakeholders, only to have new reviews pop up as soon as they had hit send.

    With Hotel Social Key, not only can you view your hotel rating and all reviews within a date range you have chosen, but you also see your rating trend, top positive and negative reviews, most recent reviews, gallery images, and can filter reviews by those awaiting reply or those which have been responded to. You can also perform advanced content searches on reviews, photos, and properties.

  • I work in PR. Will I get value out of Hotel Social Key?
    Absolutely. Our News modules are powered by Lexis Nexis, Google Alerts, and Bing. Your saved topic searches provide invaluable, real-time insight into your brand, property, campaign, or other topics you are tracking. You can even track competitors, and take advantage of our advanced News Sentiment tool.
  • For Paid Media, will I see a snapshot of my total spend?
    Yes! No more combing through complicated platform backends or old PPT reports trying to find out your actual spend vs your projected spend. We give you your total spend for a specific time period for the channel you are measuring, compared to the previous time period so that you can always stay on track and on budget. And we don’t just analyze paid social - we integrate with Google AdWords in every package, so that you can get a holistic view of your paid performance.
  • How is Engagement by Channel defined for Owned Social Media?
    Engagement by Channel is a trendline showing volume of engagement metrics by platform. Engagement is the amount of interaction a user has with a specific social media platform. Each platform can measure engagement slightly differently. Engagement can be defined as follows: for Facebook, likes, comments or shares are key qualifiers; for Twitter @replies, mentions and retweets.
  • Will Hotel Social Key work for Destination Marketing Organizations?
    Yes! We have a different version that was designed specifically for Destination Marketing Organizations and Tourism Boards. It can pull the exact same data (from anywhere), but the screens and data are organized differently to give you access to the data you need quicker. Contact us for more information.
  • Can Hotel Social Key Get Me Food?
    Not at the moment. Yet, we can guarantee that the insights you’ll get from the platform are just as delicious, arguably more so than the left-over food that is offered to everyone in the office after meetings.
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