Flexible Presentation Display

Engage executives and guests on any screen

Create a playlist of your screens, and allow them to scroll continuously for presentations, executive visibility, general manager insights, sales and ad hoc team meetings, conferences, events, command centers, and more throughout your hotel and beyond.


Instant visual aids and agile data grouping

Create customized reports for campaign monitoring, topic tracking, trending and predictive analysis, and more based on how you want to collect and group your data. The sky’s the limit! Want to create a key summary screen that hotel executives can access on any device? Done.

Sharing Made Simple

Simple and secure screen-sharing from any device

Share real-time and critical insights, metrics, visualizations, ratings and reviews, guest comments, and more with anyone from any device, from anywhere in the world, with just a few clicks. Stuck in a meeting and your GM wants to know what’s happening right now? Share your metrics in seconds.

Smart Filters

Save time with filter sets

Consider filters your custom lens through which you can view and save the metrics that matter most. Create endless combinations and track performance over time.

Content Impact Score

Cut through content clutter with AI technology

Hotel Social Key uses machine learning to surface and score the most trusted, reliable, and authoritative content that impacts your brand. Stay on the pulse of news and key social media conversations and news velocity with our Impact Score. In crisis mode? Access all the news in seconds. No surprises. No blind spots.

Theme Management

Dark or Light Themes

Change the background for optimal viewing in a single click.
Light theme is optimized for screen exports that will be printed and is designed to conserve printer toner and ink supplies.
Dark theme is optimized for video projection and large format flat screens for use in offices, lobbies, or command centers.

Agile Admin Management

The easiest back-end on the block

Manage users, access levels and usage, all data integrations, and multiple time zones in one console
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