Analysis Without the Paralysis

Say Hello to the Big Picture

Hotel Heartbeat connects, unifies, and visualizes all of your hotel's public, private, and third-party data in one place, on any screen with a single sign-on so you can monitor, analyze, and optimize your metrics in real-time.

Put your data to work with three easy steps

Analytics are overwhelming. Let’s keep it simple.

Step 1: Access and Connect Data

Hotel Heartbeat integrates with any cloud API data source, including your existing social media listening tools, influencer marketing platforms, ratings and review websites, reservation systems, loyalty systems, location based data, and more -- even an excel spreadsheet. Stop clicking around. Start loving your data by seeing it all in one place.

Featured Integrations.

Hotel Heartbeat connects to any API data source.

Step 2: Aggregate and Analyze Metrics

Real-time Ratings and Reviews
Paid Media Performance
Owned Social Performance
News & PR Intelligence

Media, News, and PR Intelligence: Access brand, property, and campaign intelligence scored by influence, impact, velocity, and sentiment.

Ratings and Reviews: Gain in-depth insights into your ratings, reviews and top influencers. See most negative and most positive reviews, trending photos, and track which reviews need a response.

Social Media Metrics: Visualize performance metrics from all your key social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Paid Media Performance: Get instant access to spend, CTR, CPC, engagement metrics, as well as top performing posts, images, and reach.

Website Metrics: View your site’s key performance metrics such as visits, new vs. returning users, device types, traffic sources, top referrers, and more. You choose the metrics you want to see.

Competitor Data: In one dashboard, you can monitor reviews and ratings from your competitors, track keywords in reviews, and monitor trends.

Step 3: Action Your Analytics

Now that you have a 360° view of your public, private, and third party data in one dashboard, you can stop clicking around and see all your metrics in one place, on any device, in real-time.

Keep your finger on the pulse. Be the first to know about news, competitors, and PR performance

Take real-time action on reviews, complaints and crises.

Increase bookings by monitoring the competition

Optimize your paid media marketing in real-time

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