Unlock the perfect plan for your hotel, management, or ownership group

We designed simple, straight forward plans based on different hotel types with prices that won't break your budget.

Single Hotel Property

$997 per month

(5 keywords, unlimited seats, annual contract)

Top features and data integrations:

☑ AI News Intelligence + News powered by LexisNexis, Google, and Bing

☑ Reviews and Ratings from TripAdvisor

☑ Owned Social Channels

☑ Paid Media Channels

☑ Website Analytics
(Google, Webtrends, Adobe Omniture)

Management and Ownership Groups

Global Hotel Brand Command Center

Every Hotel Heartbeat Plan Includes

☑ Access on Any Device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone, Watch)

☑ Real-Time Data, Analytics, and Alerts

☑ TripAdvisor Reviews, Ratings, and Advanced Search

☑ Historical Data (180 Days)

☑ Integration of Public, Private, and Third-party Data Sources

☑ Export Data and Reports to PPT, PDF, and Excel

☑ Secure, Single Sign On User Management & Access

☑ Light and Dark Themes with Presentation Mode

☑ Media Wall (Display Select Data on Lobby Screens)

☑ User Training Via HD Video Conference

☑ Knowledge Base and Priority Support Center

☑ General Manager One Touch Access Screen

☑ Competitor Monitoring (Hotels, Brands, Events)

☑ Unlimited Users (we don’t charge by user)

Available Add-ons

☑ Custom API Integration

☑ On Property Training

☑ Social Media Audit

☑ Technology Stack Reviews

☑ Location Based Marketing Integration

☑ All Review and Rating Sites

☑ Hotel Storytelling Training

☑ Reservation and Booking Data

☑ Connections to Loyalty Data

☑ Hotel Level Beacon Data

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