The Business Case for Hotel Heartbeat for Hotel Marketers

Hotels are open 24/7 and now hotel marketing has entered an era of always-on marketing when it comes to news about your hotel, what potential and current guests are posting on social media, and what reviews previous guests are leaving on your site and elsewhere.

Consumers are always connected and its time for hotels to change the way they approach visualizing, actioning and reporting on all the data that available to them. Yet hotel marketers are overwhelmed with data on top of doing their day job.

I know because I’ve been where you are. When I joined Marriott as their first every VP, Global Creative + Content Marketing, the first thing I did was tackle how we visualize all of the brands and hotels data into one screen with a single login. The result was building out five Marriott Social Media Command Centers around the world.

At the brand level, that’s all great. Big budgets right? What about an individual hotel, the field marketers, and so on? Problem solved. Meet Hotel Heartbeat. But first, you need to sell it into your GM and other leaders. The first step is selling the “why” behind Hotel Heartbeat:

Siloed teams, disconnected data, different tools and technology, and a lack of collaboration between departments is not enough to build customer trust and loyalty in this new rapid-response ecosystem.

Hotels Need To Publish At The Speed of Culture

In order to stay culturally relevant, hotels need to be there continually, demonstrating to their audiences that they care. Many hotels are addressing this challenge by investing in social media platforms, content management systems, influencer monitoring, and so on. That’s all great, but before you know it, you have six different log-ins, platforms, and functionality to to deal with every day.

Hotel Heartbeat is not “another” platform to add to the mix thought. It connects to all of the platforms you already have and visualizes public data, social data, and your own data into one platform so you can easily understand what’s happening in real-time and on one screen. Think of it as the heartbeat of your hotel.

Hotel Heartbeat is a platform where team members from different departments can visually monitor data, engage with customers, and capture business insights. It is usually composed of several screens displaying data visualizations from multiple sources.

Hotel Heartbeat is where data and content come together in real-time. It brings together key people from multiple disciplines to view and respond to the same real-time information, in order to make actionable decisions.

The Business Case for Using Hotel Heartbeat


In many organizations, reporting is still happening manually and is already outdated by the time it’s collected and formatted into a report. In the current business climate, things are changing too quickly to accommodate those kinds of delays. The Command Center enables everyone to see what’s happening right now, rather than making decisions based on what appears in the rearview mirror. Social media data and business KPIs can be unified into a customized dashboard that offers a 360-degree view of the business.


By its very nature, Hotel Heartbeat promotes the sharing of information the alignment toward a common goal. This is an anomaly for most large enterprise organizations, where performance management systems often create competition between teams and encourage the hoarding, rather than the sharing, of information and critical data.


Nearly everyone would agree that there’s plenty of data out there, but at the moment it’s still too hard to use. Hotel Heartbeat provides crucial data through beautifully designed visualizations that make the information easy to understand at a glance. Now that it won’t require having an advanced degree in data science to interpret the information.


Hotel Heartbeat showcases campaign results and illustrates how the hotel is being perceived across social media channels and the entire web. This presents a great opportunity to raise awareness with employees, partners, and other key stakeholders. In this case, the screens are accessible on any device with internet or cell connection, and sometimes hotels display select information on a media wall in the hotel, so as to allow guests to stop by to take in the social presence of the brand. In offices, your GM and other leaders can easily walk by larger screens on a wall and see what’s happening in real time. Almost everyone stops by regularly to look at it and take some information to their own teams.


Hotel Heartbeat enables marketing, social media, and PR teams to monitor the evolution of your hotel’s mentions share of voice, and track metrics like volume, depth, message topicality, tonality/sentiment, and outlet type against the activity of your brand’s main competitors.

Ultimately, it comes back to the idea of being relevant. Hotel Heartbeat serves as the beating heart of the brand by utilizing the best of technology to transform data into human relationships. When a brand is present and responsive, it has boundless opportunities to build relationships and loyalty with its customers. But if your brand isn’t there, someone else’s will be.

Need help selling in Hotel Heartbeat?

Contact us today and we’ll run you through a demo and provide further materials to help you sell it in (and ultimately make your job easier).

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